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Our company was founded in 1970 by Ikonomoudis Ioannis and his wife Karazafiris Maria with the main object of installing submersible pumps, the construction of water transport pipelines and irrigation networks, while maintaining a shop in Ormylia Halkidiki with agricultural tools and supplies, fertilizers and pesticides. In 1998 the company's reins were taken over by the daughters Katerina Economouis economist and Pagona Economouis agronomist, so the company takes the name of AGROTEHNIKI HALKIDIKI AFES OIKOMOUDI. Wanting to enrich our field of activity, all kinds of tools and similar were added to our shop, giving the farmer and the professional full coverage of the needs of his work!

Also since 2006 our company is active in the field of stationery, detergents and consumables for catering. We maintain a distribution network with regular routes in most of Halkidiki with our own fleet of vehicles. Our services cover the supply of stores with whatever consumables they need, always respecting environmental regulations. The year 2015 is also a milestone as we added the Vitex paint business to our portfolio. In our store you will find tools and materials to paint any surface. We have speciality paints, sprays and glues for every need.

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