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50years of experience in water transportation & agricultural supplies

Half a century of dedication to your needs. This is a phrase that would characterize our company as since its establishment our main goal is the best service and your trust. Today our company is here to support your crop irrigation needs but also to supply you with the right tools or paints for every job. As far as catering is concerned, we are ready to support you and provide you with the right supplies for every occasion.

Our services
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Our company was founded in 1970 with the main focus on the installation of submersible pumps, the construction of water transport pipelines and irrigation networks, while maintaining a shop in Ormylia Halkidiki with agricultural tools and supplies.
Cleaning & drilling equipment services
The installation of submersible pumps is the asset of our company as our installed pumps have been operating continuously for over 25 years. Our services include the cleaning of wells with air compressor.
Design & construction of liquid transport pipelines
Design and study of the construction of central pipelines for the transport of liquids. Calculation of manometric, friction and correct sizing. Excavation and installation of the pipeline by a specialized crew with many years of experience.
Design & construction of field irrigation networks
Inspection of the plot, study, design and installation of irrigation network. Accurate calculation of water quantity depending on the irrigation method and always with a view to proper management and water saving.
Design & construction of automatic lawn watering system
Inspection of the area where the lawn and the garden in general will be installed, study and design for the proper placement of the watering nozzles in the area so that the entire surface that needs watering is covered, study for the watering time and setting the programmers for automatic watering. Construction of the installation at any site.
Design, construction & marketing of electromechanical systems for pumping stations
Study of the necessary equipment needed for each type of pumping station in order to achieve efficiency and savings. Marketing of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components. Manufacture of the required devices and their installation.
Precision agriculture, remote control of drilling, networks & pipelines
Precision irrigation, installation of automatic control systems for boreholes, transport pipelines and irrigation networks. Programming of installation for automatic operation.
Agricultural programs, improvement plans, agro-economic studies
Programs for young farmers, improvement plans, organic.
Field & garden machinery repair
Checking, repair and maintenance of the machines we sell. Trading of spare parts for machines from a wide range of manufacturers. Trading of lubricants and other consumables.
Supply of restaurants & hotels with stationery - detergents & other consumables
Maintain a network of order taking and distribution with a fleet of privately owned vehicles. Serving customers throughout Halkidiki for all catering needs such as entertainment centres, restaurants and bars.

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